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Interested in taking lessons, but want more information? Here are some
frequently asked questions.

Teaching has been a passion of mine for ten years. My undergrad, in both music education and voice performance, gave me the passion          to teach private voice. My main goal is to help singers use a healthy techniques that they can sustain for the rest of their lives. 

-Audition and Competition Preparation

-Breath Support

-Building Technique

-Performing with Confidence

-Coaching a repertoire in a variety of genres

Lessons are focused around these topics

How often should I schedule lessons and for how long?

Lessons are a priority and should be a weekly commitment. Taking lessons  less frequently than weekly results in progression at a much slower rate than many would like. Voice is like other skills in that it needs regular attention. I usually recommend lessons of at least 45 minutes for most goals. It is really helpful for students as this gives singers enough time to warm-up and run through their repertoire.

How do lessons work?

How do lessons work?

In lessons, my goal for students are built around the singer's goal, beginning with breath support and vocal technique exercise. We then focus on technical issues to improve with the goal of building a beautiful and free tone. 

Further,  lessons will be built around your goals and repertoire will be selected with this in mind. My goal is to build a safe environment in which students can grow as a musician and singer.

How does the first lesson work?

How does the first lesson work?

Parents are encouraged to attend the first lesson or two if the students are young. Having a familiar presence can be helpful for the student getting used to being in a new environment and learning in a new way. However, as we progress, students usually perform better without a parent present. Since I do not have a waiting area, I ask that siblings not be brought to the lessons, as they can be a big distraction in the studio!

How to prepare for lessons.

Bringing a water bottle is advised-Keeping hydrated is great for singing! Practice expectations will be discussed with each student individually, based on age, goals, etc.

As lessons continue, students should bring their music to each lesson.

Referral Bonus:

If you refer a student and they enroll, you will receive a free lesson to your account! You can refer as many as you'd like, and you'll receive one credit for each student that enrolls, with no limits (except for my studio reaching capacity).

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