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"I am forever thankful to John Hummel. I started voice lessons with him my senior year and after the first lesson he advised me that I should go to college for music. I was surprised and thrilled to hear someone with his skill and background say that, and I eagerly took his advice. The next few months were hectic, as I was a little late to the game. Most people plan their repertoire for a long time, but we had about 2 month. John was so helpful. He was able to make the voice lessons light and fun despite the time crunch. We were able to pick the music, learn it, and perfect it by the time of my first audition. At the same time, I was constantly learning from him how to improve my technique and overall better myself as a singer. He was there for me whenever I had a question during my auditions, and I knew I could call him if I ever needed help or advice. Thanks to John, I got accepted to the University of Michigan for voice performance. I will never forget what he did for me. Thanks so much John!"

—  Summer B., Voice Performance Major, University of Michigan

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